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"I am writing this review in the hopes of fighting against the storm of financially-motivated affiliate reviews and astroturfing (fake review) campaigns which eclipse virtually all honest referrals. If you are looking at a site like "", stop and ask yourself for a moment why anyone would actually make a site like that! I discovered WiredTree by digging through forums, and now in comparison to my prior misery, I feel like I won the lottery. If I can help just one other person out there then I would be happy, just make sure that you help someone out too!

In terms of performance, I have no doubt that WiredTree is the best hosting service out there. They want to offer each of their customers an unrivaled experience, which is why I don't think they bother with shared hosting. It's refreshing to know that some companies are genuinely passionate about making their product enthusiast-grade—and maintain on faith that a profitable bottom line will follow. To WiredTree: yes the customers do notice and yes it is appreciated.

I opted for the most affordable of the SSD VPS packages, which with LiteSpeed (instead of the relatively-slower Apache) was priced at $750 a year. The joy and peace of mind that I have received from this so far makes me feel like I have already got my money’s worth.

I will spare the feelings of the hosting company that I migrated from (as well as their empire of alternatively-named companies) because they did try but they just didn't have the hardware: their VPS service was at least five times slower than this. I am running a forum which uses 78 resources on the main page, and now loading times on most of the pages seem instantaneous—when before they were embarrassingly slow. And I can still speed it up by setting up an advanced caching system.

Earlier today, I made a ticket to install Xcache at 4:46, and they were already finished at 4:57. I have filled out three support tickets so far, and each time I received very thoughtful, well-written responses that added helpful insights regarding how I could learn more about web development and where I might be able to look for more information. The hosting company that I left had a "Live Chat", which I assumed that I would miss, but I don't see any need for that now.

If you are looking for a VPS, then I believe that one of these SSD packages is your only bet if you want the very best. The reasonable price is just a plus. Also, I would opt for "Softaculous" for an extra dollar a month, and $12-$20 extra per month for the LiteSpeed server. On top of that, their solid state DEDICATED servers are well under $200, which is mind-boggling to me. I look forward to the day when I will be able to scale into that! "

- Eric Allione

"My web design and SEO company in New York City has been using WiredTree for years. Their servers host our various clients websites and are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. We work with all types of businesses to help create user-friendly websites and always recommend WiredTree to our clients. Over the years we have worked with various other hosting providers, but none compare to the quality and support WiredTree has provided. Their servers are fast and the guaranteed 100% network uptime makes WiredTree dependable.

However, what best separates WiredTree from the competition is their awesome customer service and support. Their 24/7/365 availability makes working with them easy and enjoyable. Since working with them there has yet to be a time where they have not been able to solve a situation or answer our questions. Their outstanding customer will have us using their services for years to come!

Thanks WiredTree! "

- Daniel Sodkiewicz

"Hosting management can be very difficult and complex at times when you don't have a background in server administration. I have been seeking a reliable and cost-efficient server solution for our clients that surpassed some of the performance, reliability, security and customer service issues that come along with shared hosting providers, but more affordable than pure dedicated server hosting.

I had some experience with WiredTree over a year ago (via a recommendation from a web application development team) when working for a client on a one-off project. I remembered WiredTree provided a generous amount of storage and bandwidth allowance. At that time I encountered excellent support in my dealings with them to get a custom WordPress website (supporting an online event) which would experience sporadic influxes of traffic based on the structure of the marketing campaign. WiredTree's hardware handled it with ease, and the customer service was A++.

So, after exhaustive research in looking for the right managed VPS provider for the needs of our clients at the present time, we found that WiredTree offered the service we were looking for. During the course of the last 2 months, I've probably made 100 phone calls to WiredTree and always feel like I'm connected to a live Chicago-based human instantaneously. AND each and every time, no matter the time of day or how many questions I had, I was and continue to be met with kindness, empathy and enthusiastic people who genuinely seem to love what they do and take enormous pride in the service they provide & the business they represent. I receive the information I ask for along with forward-thinking advice and additional recommendations.

From the bottom of my heart, and with my sincerest gratitude -

Thank You Team WiredTree!

You've made my life so much easier. "

- Emil Wisch

"I am using wiredtree since a year and is a great expierence for me. I have a lot of problems regarding hosting of my website But since I choose wiredtree, All problems solved. Never before has a hosting company been so helpful in any way. Wiredtree support & suggest me in all situations either it is wordpress script optimzation or mysql. So I can say wiredtree is simply the best & I will continue to tell you my feedback about it .

Thanks of Lot Wiredtree & All Staff "

- Muhammad Hanif

"Wiredtree has been the best thing I have ever done for my sites. I can't count the amount of server troubles I had before you guys. Since I hooked up with you guys, life has been a lot less stressful. Thanks again for the great servers. "

- Jon

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Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans for Unparalleled Performance Dedicated Server Plans Upgraded to Impressive New Standards
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Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans for Unparalleled Performance Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans!
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