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January 15, 2013

WiredTree Now Offers CloudLinux OS on All Dedicated Servers

CHICAGO (January 15, 2013) WiredTree (, a professional provider of managed virtual private servers (VPS hosting), dedicated servers, and hybrid servers, announced today the addition of CloudLinux as a choice of operating system (OS). CloudLinux is an innovative OS developed with the requirements of shared web hosting providers in mind and can help reduce churn and improve server stability.

"With our range of managed hosting services, many customers choose us to host their shared hosting services," says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. "Our virtual private servers, hybrid servers, and dedicated servers are all equipped with state-ofÐthe-art hardware and enough hardware power for even the most rapidly growing businesses. In addition, our expert management helps keep our hardware online. But the way shared hosting works makes it difficult for our customers to launch shared hosting services that consistently maximize performance. CloudLinux effectively eliminates this issue, and that is why we are excited to make the OS available to our customers."

On a server used to host shared hosting accounts, hardware power is usually assigned dynamically. If one account requires the use of bandwidth, RAM, CPU, and disk in-out, the operating system will make it available. However, if one account monopolizes the hardware resources, other users will be left waiting in line for the power their website needs in order to run. As a result, shared hosting plans perform badly or, worse, go offline completely. To combat this, CloudLinux uses Lightweight Virtual Environments (LVEs), containers that keep each individual shared hosting account isolated with a fixed allocation of hardware power. Regardless of how other users behave, customers can be certain of consistent performance. By adding CloudLinux to its range of operating systems, WiredTree allows customers to run shared hosting services with certainty that they can deliver exceptional performance to end-users.

"CloudLinux is partly about improving the service our customers can provide," says Cogswell. "Increasingly, shared hosting customers recognize that CloudLinux creates more stable and consistent hosting services. However, CloudLinux also empowers our customers to generate more revenue from their WiredTree managed servers. With accounts isolated in containers, our customers can more confidently fill their servers with shared hosting plans, knowing that hardware resources will never be pushed beyond capacity."

When customers order a server from WiredTree, they can select their preferred operating system and have it professionally installed by WiredTree's team of experts. In addition, WiredTree performs initial server hardening to improve security and conducts operating system updates to maintain performance long-term. Before adding CloudLinux as an option on servers, WiredTree carried out extensive research into the platform, allowing the company to provide the same detailed server management and 24/7 support that has made the hosting company popular.

"The addition of CloudLinux has been a long process, and we are happy to finally make it available to our customers," says Cogswell. "As of today, all managed dedicated server customers can choose CloudLinux when they place their orders, and we have plans to implement the OS on managed VPS hosting and hybrid servers as soon as it is compatible with Parallels Virtuozzo, which is our chosen virtualization platform."

With a commitment to improving services on a regular basis, WiredTree continually gives customers more reasons to choose from its range of servers. Now, with the addition of CloudLinux, WiredTree is becoming one of the best homes for any shared web hosting provider.

Customers interested in learning more about CloudLinux and WiredTree managed dedicated server hosting are encouraged to visit

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