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October 9, 2012

WiredTree Upgrades Hardware for Faster Dedicated Server Hosting

CHICAGO, IL (October 9, 2012) WiredTree, a leading provider of managed dedicated servers, managed virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and managed hybrid servers, announced today a range of new hardware upgrades. With new Intel Xeon CPUs and the latest solid-state drive (SSD) storage, these upgrades make ultra-fast hosting services available to all, while maintaining the company's reputation for server stability.

"WiredTree is excited to be in an industry where technology moves fast," says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. "But since the technology involved in dedicated server hosting moves so quickly, we need to work hard to keep up to date. After evaluating our current dedicated server hardware and looking at the latest advances in the industry, we have made some major changes to the equipment that powers our hosting services, covering everything from storage to processing power. WiredTree managed dedicated servers just got more powerful and more dependable than ever before."

Most managed dedicated hosting plans use a conventional hard disk drive, or HDD, for storage. An HDD is the same storage device found in the majority of home computers and laptops, where a moving access arm reads the data stored on the disk. However, the IT industry is increasingly moving toward a newer, faster storage device Ð the solid-state drive, or SSD. An SSD is flash-based memory, similar to RAM, and as a result, can be written to and read from at astonishingly high speeds. In addition, the absence of moving mechanical parts greatly decreases the risk of disk failure and data loss. Managed dedicated servers from WiredTree now include cutting-edge Intel 330 and 520 series SSDs, renowned for stability and speed.

"The transition to SSD from HDD is a significant advancement within the IT sector," says Cogswell. "As the world continues to see the advantages of choosing an SSD storage device, the hosting industry should do the same. We have been using SSDs on our dedicated servers for a while, but these new upgrades will deliver an immediate speed boost for every new customer. We have also installed the latest Adaptec 6800 series RAID cards, which are compatible with the high speeds that SSD storage offers. Using SSDs in a RAID configuration guarantees the safety of our customers' data, and keeps mission-critical files redundant for complete peace of mind."

A RAID, or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, brings together a number of individual storage devices that are treated logically as a single unit. Essentially, this makes stored data redundant, with multiple copies of every file stored across a range of hardware devices. With a RAID, one instance of hardware failure does not mean that service is interrupted or data is lost. WiredTree's latest server upgrades allow customers to use reliable RAID storage without compromising speed Ð the Adaptec 6800 RAID cards offer transfers at a staggering 6GB/s. Finally, WiredTree has made incremental upgrades to central processing units (CPUs), now offering Intel Xeon E5 CPUs with 6 or 8 individual cores.

"Customers choose managed dedicated server hosting services from WiredTree because we combine stability with speed," says Cogswell. "We believe that when a customer orders a high-powered server, it is our responsibility to keep their hardware at the forefront of this fast-moving industry. Our new storage and CPU upgrades ensure that our fast dedicated servers continue to outperform the competition and meet the demands of our customers."

WiredTree offers a wide range of managed dedicated server hosting plans that provide customers with exceptional performance. With these recent upgrades and a continued commitment to reviewing and improving hardware, WiredTree is set to hold its position as a leader in the dedicated server field.

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