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The Monthly Round-up: February’s Best Web Design/Development, CMS, and Security Content

The Monthly Round-up: February’s Best Web Design/Development, CMS, and Security Content

As the web keeps growing at an incredible pace, the amount of individuals and businesses looking for hosting increases every single day. For many, a new site starts with web design and development while figuring out a way to manage your content. But once that’s done, you’re going to want to keep your site and all of its information secure. To help you out on this journey, we collect the most useful and informative web design/development, CMS, and security content each month. Here’s the best from February. Enjoy and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + for the same great content the rest of the month.

Web Design and Development

3 Ways Your Web Design Can Better Connect You to Your Audience – How do people recognize good web design? There is a big difference between good and bad design. Many people can identify a good design, but they don’t know what makes the difference.

Does Your Project Need a Web Designer or Web Developer? [INFOGRAPHIC] – When it comes to building new websites or updating existing sites, most people don’t know the types of professionals they should hire to get the job done right.

The Psychology of Great Web Design – As many a great graphic and web designer knows, human behavior is just as important to a new design as the required elements themselves. Knowing the normal patterns of the human brain can help your designs have more influence while conveying the right message to your clients’ target audience.

14 Handy WordPress Hacks Every Developer Should Know – The great thing about WordPress is how you can extend it a hundred million ways to meet your needs. If you know your way around PHP, it’s not hard to tweak your site. While there are thousands of plugins out there (including 140+ at WPMU DEV!), but it’s just as easy to add a snippet of code to your site for a quick fix.

Defining Awesome Web Design: Is It only About the Visuals? – Do looks matter always? That’s a debatable question. Historically good-looking people have always had it easy. This applies to websites too; at least it did for a while. Until, it didn’t.

Which Coding Language Is Right For You? – Coding is all the rage these days. Students of all ages and adults already in the workforce are increasingly encouraged to learn programming. Even President Obama said everyone should learn to code.

Making Embedded Content Work In Responsive Design – A few HTML elements don’t play nice with responsive layouts. One of these is the good ol’ iframe, which you may need to use when embedding content from external sources such as YouTube.

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Making Websites – I first started making websites when I was 11 years old. My dad showed me how to drag out tables in Microsoft FrontPage and I was hooked (which is now a very outdated technique). It was amazing to me that I could arrange text and images onto the screen however I wanted.

Project Post-Mortems: How to Successfully Conclude Any Project – It’s launched. It’s live. It works. You designed, built and tested it, grieved nixed ideas and celebrated solved quandaries. The gears are whirring on their axles and your final invoice is paid. Your project is done. Mostly.

Content Management Systems

The Best Plugins to Start a WordPress Blog – In this post I will go over all of the plugins that I believe you need as the basis for a great blog. Sure, you can purchase a domain and set up a WordPress blog in less than 30 minutes, but that is only the beginning.

WordPress vs Ghost: Should you Ditch WordPress and Start Using Ghost? – It was just over a decade ago that WordPress was first released as a free and open source blogging tool. Since those good ol’ days WordPress has grown up; it has gone from a simple blogging platform to a fully fledged CMS (content management system) that literally has no boundaries!

The Battle for the Body Field – In the early ’90s, every page was a handcrafted labor of love. Sadly, anyone who managed a large site eventually hit the wall: writing piles of custom HTML that tangled valuable content with boilerplate markup, gnarly design tweaks, and other difficult-to-maintain cruft.

Drupal vs. Joomla: An Engineer’s Take – If you’re evaluating open source content management solutions (CMS), two in particular — Drupal and Joomla — stick out for being widely adopted and lauded by companies and developers.

What We Can Learn from the Evolution of Content Management Systems – From banking software to cell phones, as markets develop and grow, more user-friendly products with fewer but highly-polished features are winning the game.


Securing Your WordPress Blog Against Hackers – As I’ve written in my book Confessions of an Online Hustler, the best way to protect yourself from hackers, stalkers and other freaks online is to not be an idiot.

Choosing a Secure Password – The best way to explain how to choose a good password is to explain how they’re broken. The general attack model is what’s known as an offline password-guessing attack.

Why The Syrian Electronic Army Hacked Us: An Interview With The Attackers – Last week, Forbes joined the growing list of media organizations successfully infiltrated by the Syrian Electronic Army.

Why Do Companies Keep Getting Hacked? – Two weeks ago, a respected crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, was hacked. Snapchat was hacked the week before that. Skype’s social media accounts were targeted the week before that.

21.3 Million Reasons You Need To Beef Up Your Cybersecurity – Data breaches have compromised more than 20 million Californians’ personal information in the past two years, with about a third of the breaches aimed at small businesses. Find out how to protect your customers.

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