September 16, 2013 | Posted by Rachel Gillevet | Web Hosting

How WiredTree’s Proactive Monitoring Helps Ensure Your Servers Are Always Available

How WiredTree’s Proactive Monitoring Helps Ensure Your Servers Are Always Available

If you’re a regular user of dedicated or virtual private server hosting from other vendors, you’ll be well aware of what usually happens should your server have difficulties or go down altogether in the middle of the night.

Often, it means you’ll get up in the morning, check out your site, and discover it is no longer on the Internet. Then you’ll have to email your web hosting company’s support service to let them know about the issue and wait for them to get round to dealing with your ticket.

For any business that relies on their website to generate revenue, even an hour of unreliable page-loads or downtime is unacceptable. User experience is degraded or non-existent; during the time a site is offline, sales are lost, advertising revenue is lost, opportunities for business are missed, and, worst of all, reputations are damaged — no one wants to trust or do business with a company that can’t even keep their own house in order.

That’s why it’s important that the servers that lie at the heart of your business are constantly monitored. In order to act to resolve a problem, it must be recognized and understood as quickly as possible.

WiredTree implements Proactive Monitoring on its managed servers to prevent problems like those we’ve discussed from ever arising. If something goes awry with one of our servers, we’ll know about it almost immediately and have one of our technical staff working to resolve the issue.

Proactive Monitoring works at level of the network, the server, and the software and services it is running. At the level of the network, we monitor a server’s availability on the network and will be made aware of any problems within five minutes. Each of the services you are running is also monitored, should you require it. After you’ve indicated which services you would like to be monitored, you needn’t make any further intervention; we’ll handle all monitoring and issue resolution.

At the server level, we install packages that can continuously monitor the health of running processes and restart them if they fail. If processes fail to restart, our software will attempt to diagnose and fix the problem. And, if the automated systems aren’t able to resolve the issue, support staff with be dispatched to take care of it.

Servers are also monitored for a number of other performance metrics, including server load, CPU usage, I/O performance, and the current state of important software like Apache, with the results being made available to clients and system administrators in a graphical interface. With this information, clients can plan for future capacity changes and keep track of the history of the server’s performance, information which can be helpful when we need to diagnose a problem or head one off before it become serious.

Because of our comprehensive 3-tier Proactive Monitoring system, we are constantly aware of the condition of our servers and ready to implement whatever fixes are needed. In many cases, we’ll have noticed and resolved issues before ever become aware of them.