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The Monthly Round-up: September’s Best Web Design/Development, CMS, and Security Content

The Monthly Round-up: September’s Best Web Design/Development, CMS, and Security Content

These days, with all of the information out there and content being produced, it can be hard to stay up to date. To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered up our favorite web design/development, CMS, and security content from September in one convenient location. The rest of the month, you can get the same great content by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Web Design and Development

The Growing Intricacies of Responsive Web Design – Web design trends often take off rapidly, then quickly fade to obscurity. While most critics would agree that responsive Web design (RWD) won’t be going away any time soon, it is important to realize that the approach has not yet fully matured and is continuing to evolve.

3 Web Design Usability Mistakes Even Expert Designers Make – Web Designers who have been in the field for a long time don’t make common web design errors. If you are an expert web designer, there is little chance that you’d pepper the web page with mismatching fonts or hide the search bar at the bottom of the page.

Making Color Considerations for Mobile Design – Web design is a key part of any successful company’s marketing strategy. It’s rare nowadays to find a thriving business that doesn’t have a well-oiled, expertly designed website that turns potential customers into loyal clients, and question marks into dollar signs.

What You Should Know About Flat Web Design – Flat Design is the latest, minimalist trend in web design that makes use of simple forms in order to enhance visual impact. It uses a combination of bright colors, special fonts and interesting images to highlight the beauty of simple gestures.

So, You’re a Web Designer, Right? – When I started doing this we were what you’d call a petit-comitè. I called myself a developer and worked with a great graphic designer, one of a kind. Our roles were crystal clear back then.

A Day in the Life of a WordPress Theme Reviewer – Emil Uzelac is a freelance WordPress designer and developer who has been reviewing WordPress themes for the past three years. He and other team members have been blazing through theme approvals and setting records this month on WordPress.org.

Good Design and Effective SEO – A few years ago, good design and effective SEO were not exactly the best of friends. Designers hated having to find room for keyword-filled copy and long lists of footer links. Thankfully, the world has changed and user-centric design is actually one of the single most important factors in a well optimized website.

Responsive Design Needs More Than a Good Squeeze – If you’re a developer and hear that a site is responsive, the first thing you do is resize your desktop browser. I know you do. We all do it. That’s fine, and doing so quickly proves the point, but responsive design is not about browser squishiness.

How Can I Use an iPad for Web Development and Programming? – Bug alert! But you’re on the road. All you have is your iPad, and maybe a Bluetooth keyboard. What to do? The Apple devs at Stack Exchange offer up some wisdom on developing on the road.

Content Management Systems

Can Movable Type Really Make a Comeback? – If WordPress and Drupal can take over the Web CMS world, why not a company like Movable Type? After all, it was one of the originators of the easy to use, easy to build and maintain content management systems.

WordPress Trends Infographic – Google Search Popularity for WordPress Over the Past Decade – Over the years we have seen rapid growth in WordPress and how relevant it has become in the web design community. In this infographic, we explore some interesting Google Search Trends around WordPress and its ecosystem.

Ghost: The UK Blogging Platform That Won’t and Can’t Sell Out to Facebook – There are few entrepreneurs who would openly state that they would turn down a one billion dollar offer from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but John O’Nolan is one of them.

Is Your Content Management System Up To Date? – Raise your hand if your website has a content management system. If I could see all of you, I bet that most of you would have your hands raised. Content management systems have definitely come a long way since the inception of the World Wide Web.

WordPress 3.6 – Six Useful Hacks that You Still Need – The wait is finally over and WordPress 3.6 has rolled out with all the latest features that boost the content management’s images as one most preferred by users. The new release which was being eagerly awaited by developers and users and WordPress has once again proved why it still remains the most user-friendly and scalable content management system in the world.


Software Security: Balancing Resources and Risks – Security and software have to go hand in hand, but not all teams are equally equipped. Some organizations retain security experts, some hire consultants, some use multitasking developers. If your company can’t afford a dedicated security expert or team, consider these points.

3 Joomla Security Tips to Protect Against Brute Force Attacks – There has been a lot of talk lately regarding Joomla Security and attacks on Joomla sites. Yesterday the website security company Sucuri posted a blog entitled “Big Increase in Distributed Brute Force Attacks Against Joomla Websites” in which they summarize some very worrying statistics:

Less Known Tips to Secure WordPress Blogs – The mass attack on WordPress blogs last April raise the issue of web security in general and WordPress security in particular. Although a lot has been written about this issue, in this post I tried to gather some of the less common tips (at least in the e-marketing arena).

Getting Started with GNU Privacy Guard – Like many others, I have recently taken a more active interest in information security. In particular, I have taken a fresh look at GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG or GPG). This popular open-source encryption tool offers users the ability to encrypt and sign data and communications using public key cryptography.

Tech Insight: Top 4 Problem Areas That Lead To Internal Data Breaches – External data breaches (think: Anonymous) and internal data leaks (think: Edward Snowden) have enterprises questioning and rethinking their security programs. Are they doing enough to protect their data? Are their security controls effective?

This month, we’ll leave you with “The Original Human TETRIS Performance,” a fun motion capture video that will certainly speak to the TETRIS players in all of us.

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