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Fully Managed Hybrid Server Hosting

WiredTree Standard Plan Features
  • Dual Intel Xeon & AMD Opteron CPUs
  • Fully Managed CentOS Linux 6 x64
  • 2 Dedicated IPs
  • Idera (R1Soft) Backups
  • Parallels Virtuozzo 4 Powered
  • 100% Node Uptime SLA
  • cPanel / WHM Included
Choose a plan type:
  • Maximum Performance
  • Large Disk Space
Pure SSD Managed Hybrid Servers
  • 1 AMD Opteron CPU Core
  • - Burstable to 24 CPU Cores
  • 5GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 80GB Pure SSD Space
  • 10TB Premium Bandwidth
  • Price: $109/month
  • High Performance
  • Maximum Disk Space
Managed Hybrid Servers
  • 1 Intel Xeon CPU Core
  • - Burstable to 8 CPU Cores
  • 4GB Guaranteed RAM
  • 160GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
  • 10TB Premium Bandwidth
  • Price: $99/month

If you are not sure which configuration best fits your needs please contact our sales staff, we're here to help!

Fully Managed Hybrid Servers

What is a Hybrid Server?

Think of it is a very large and powerful VPS account with guaranteed CPU cores, faster I/O performance, and higher memory and disk space allowances. They fit in in-between our VPS and Dedicated Servers in terms of price, capacity, and performance

All WiredTree Linux Hybrid Servers are fully managed and come 24x7 telephone and helpdesk support along with our complete management package. This includes hardware management, network management, operating system and software support, proactive security patches and updates, proactive monitoring, firewall, spam prevention, server hardening and more. WiredTree also supports technologies to improve web page load times such as MariaDB and memcached. Ask us how we can make your sites faster!

All Hybrid Server accounts run the latest release of CentOS Linux 6 and include full root access, cPanel/WHM, and access to Grove. WiredTree strictly limits the number accounts to ensure all Hybrid servers are highly responsive and resources are not overbooked.

Hand-Built Servers

Our Hybrid nodes are custom built in-house with love using only the highest quality server-grade components. We offer two forms of Hybrid Servers - Pure SSD Hybrid servers consisting of only SSD RAID-10 storage for highest performance and SSD-Accelerated HDD-based RAID-10 Hybrid servers.

Pure SSD Hybrid servers are built using dual 16-core AMD Opteron 6200 series CPUs, Supermicro motherboards, and ECC Registered Memory for maximum performance and reliability. All servers feature 8 Hot-Swap Enterprise SSDs (Intel S3500 or Samsung 840 Pro) in battery-backed RAID-10 using high-end LSI Logic MegaRAID controllers for maximum performance and reliability.

Our SSD-Accelerated Hybrid servers use dual quad-core and hexa-core Intel Xeon CPUs including the Xeon E5 2600-series along with ECC Registered memory and Supermicro motherboards and chassis. We use RAID-Optimized SATA II disks from Western Digital in battery-backed RAID-10 configuration on each system with Adaptec RAID cards. We then go a step beyond the competition and accelerate all of our HDD-based nodes with a minimum of 120GB per node to bring your server's performance far beyond that of traditional HDD-based VPS servers.

Free Migrations

Need help moving from your old provider? We can help, free of charge! We provide complimentary migrations for new server orders from the following control panels: cPanel, Plesk on Linux, DirectAdmin, and Ensim / Parallels Pro. If your control panel is not on the list, or you aren't sure what your current hosting uses, please contact our sales staff as we may still be able to migrate your site for free. We are always available for free advice and we can also offer paid custom migrations from nearly all other types of hosting and CMS systems.

Ready to get started? Just sign up and open a ticket and we'll get going!

Level Ups

We update our plan specifications frequently with additional disk space, memory, or bandwidth. Every time we upgrade our plans we automatically "Level Up" all of our existing clients to those new plans, free of charge. With WiredTree, your server plan will always be up to date ensuring you are getting the best value.


Easily move between VPS plans and Hybrid server plans with little or no downtime and no IP changes! WiredTree plans are flexible and provide scalable options for resource needs of all sizes.

A La Carte Upgrade Options

WiredTree offers a variety of a flexible a la carte upgrade options so your VPS can be customized to your needs. All pricing is monthly:

  • Guaranteed RAM: $7.50 per 512MB
  • SSD-Accelerated Disk Space: $1/GB
  • Pure SSD Disk Space: $2/GB
  • Additional IPs: $2/IP
  • Softaculous: $1
  • LiteSpeed Web Server VPS >2GB $20
  • RVSkin: $1
  • WHMCS: $10
  • Fantastico: $1
  • Bandwidth Overage: $0.25/GB
  • Bandwidth Upgrade: $25 per 1TB

If you are not sure which configuration best fits your needs, or you would like help with capacity planning for your business or web site, please do not hesitate to contact our support staff for a no-obligation consultation.

Powered by Parallels Virtuozzzo

Managed Hybrid

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Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans for Unparalleled Performance Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans!
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