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"... And I have to tell you (well I don't have to but am going to) that the guys operating this company could have been successful 40 years ago when often times the only thing binding the agreement between two parties was a simple handshake. Back then if a man told you he was going to do something he did it. Simple. It was no cause for celebration - it was the norm. People did what they said they would do. And a man was only as good as his word.

Things have changed a lot since then in all aspects of life. Especially on the Internet where you never see the person or people you are dealing with. But even in this day and age it's sure a breath of fresh air when you do happen across an individual or company who actually tries to do what they say they will and WiredTree has most certainly done this. "

- Mike Brandon The Megaphone Network

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Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans for Unparalleled Performance Dedicated Server Plans Upgraded to Impressive New Standards
We have upgraded our dedicated server hosting plans with changes across CPU, RAM, bandwidth and storage! Read the press release here!

Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans for Unparalleled Performance Level Up for VPS hosting and Hybrid Server Plans!
Our VPS and Hybrid services have Leveled Up with the introduction of SSD caching, higher resource allocations and R1Soft backups. Customers will see page loading times decrease by as much as 75%. Read the press release here!

WiredTree Load Balanced Clusters Website outgrowing a single server? WiredTree can help! We offer a variety of managed load balancing options and can smoothly transition your site to a new setup. Contact us for more information on how we can help your site grow!

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